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The most convenient way to join IEA  is online and payments can be made with a credit card. Click below to get started!

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If you prefer postal mail, you may download our IEA Membership Application and send it with a check or money draft in U.S. dollars. The check should be payable to the International Epidemiological Association and mailed to:

International Epidemiological Association
1500 Sunday Drive, #102
Raleigh, NC 27607 USA

Dues Rates:
IEA dues are based on your location (high or low income country), the type of membership you desire, and the term of your membership. Among the types of membership available are the following:

Normal – These members seek membership in IEA and are not already members in one of IEA’s partner associations. (See the list of our partners here)
Joint – These members already have membership in their local/national epidemiological association/society and are eligible for a discounted membership in IEA.(see the list of our partners here )
Early Career Epidemiologists – These members are currently in school, or less than 10 years past the completion of their post-doctoral studies.
Retired – IEA offers retired epidemiologists the opportunity to stay involved through a 50 percent discount on dues. If this situation applies to you please email

The chart below describes the various membership options.

Type of Membership      Duration in Months       Price in USD   
Normal (High Income Countries/Europe)  12 (one year)  $50
 36 (three years)  $150
 Life  $500
 Normal (Low/Middle Income Countries)  12 (one year)  $35
 36 (three years)  $95
 Life  $350
 Joint  12 (one year)  $25
 36 (three years)  $75
 Life  $250
 Early Career Epidemiologist – High Income Country/Europe  36 (three years)  $20
 Early Career Epidemiologist- Low Income Country  36 (three years)  $5
 Early Career Epidemiologist – Joint Membership  36 (three years)  $10
About the International Journal of Epidemiology:
All members receive online access to the International Journal of Epidemiology.  Once you join, you can set up your account to access the journal on our website.  Just look for the IJE Journal tab on the home page. Please note that if you wish to receive a printed version of the International Journal of Epidemiology you can select that purchase option when you join or renew. The printed version is USD $15 per year and the journal is published 6 times annually.

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